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Everyone suffers from backache, headaches or simply general aches and pains whilst at work.

From the employers point of view this means staff will not be performing at their best, may have time off and may, in some cases, suffer long term effects from injuries such RSI. The most important asset to any company is their staff so they need looking after. A simple way is through massage. By looking after the welfare of the work force the needs of both the individual and company are addressed.

Corporate seated massage (or on-site massage) has been around for years but, in times of recession, is often dropped in order to reduce costs. The withrawal of a priviledge can have a devastating affect on employees where they can feel let down by their employer.

For both new and existing schemes it has probably never been more important than now to look after staff. Chiltern Therapies can provide seated massage but find it more beneficial to spend some time to teach ways to reduce the effects of backache, RSI and aching shoulders. These techniques can then be practised wherever and whenever required without the need to have a regular therapist on site. This keeps the costs to the employer down but still shows a high level of commitment to the welfare of employees.

Of course, if you're self employed, you can't afford to have time off at all, so learning these techniques will help ensure you can work to best effect.

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