It is generally accepted that reflexology has its origins in the ancient civilisations of China and Egypt.

Modern day reflexology has been developed from a method known as zone therapy, which was first described in the early part of the twentieth century by an American ear, nose and throat consultant called William Fitzgerald. He discovered that if pressure was applied to certain parts of the body, painful sensations in other areas could be reduced or eradicated.

This theory was studied further by Eunice Ingham in the 1930s. She developed a technique known as ‘The Ingham Method of Compression Massage’, and she referred to it as ‘reflexology’.

The fundamental belief is that all parts of the body and the body’s systems are reflected in the feet and hands, and that specific areas, or reflexes, can be massaged in a particular way to bring about healing reactions in the body.

Reflexology can have benefits for many physical and physiological conditions including the following:-


  • - Headaches and migraine
  • - Sinus problems
  • - Breathing disorders
  • - Digestive problems
  • - Hormonal imbalances
  • - Circulatory problems
  • - Skin complaints
  • - Maintenance of good health
  • - Women’s health, pregnancy, digestive health


  • - Sleep patterns regulated
  • - Digestive system balanced
  • - Stress levels lowered
  • - Circulation improved
  • - Immune system strengthened
  • - Pain reduced
  • - Concentration increased
  • - Energy levels boosted
  • - Ability to relax improved

Those not experiencing ill health can also benefit from reflexology, as it is a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment which balances all the body’s systems, thus increasing resistance to infection.

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