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Tennis elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) is an extremely painful and quite common condition which got it's name due to an injury affecting many tennis players.  However, typing, using a screw driver or painting are equally like to cause it.

Tennis elbow is a tendon injury whose symptoms are pain on the bony part of the elbow where the tendon is attached to the bone, a weak grip and pain when gripping.  The problem is usually the tendon pulling, or tearing away, from the bone or, in some cases, inflammation.  Usually this is caused by a shock to the muscle and tendon.  Imagine holding a tennis racquet ready to strike a ball.  With a strong grip and elbow locked all the elasticity of the muscles in the forearm is taken up. Now, when the ball strikes the racquet, the part most likely to "give" is the tendon attachment to the humerous.

Treatments vary, for inflammation a cold compress is required but typically the damage will be the attachment itself.  For this the best treatment is to remove any strain on the attachment point by stretching the muscle and by providing heat (or friction, carefully) to the area until it reddens.  This indicates an increased flow of blood bringing nutrients and oxygen to speed up recovery.  Like bones, tendons have very little blood flow so can take a couple of months to recover.

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People at risk:

  • Computer users
  • Dentists
  • Hair dressers & beauticians
  • Checkout workers
  • Musicians
  • Sportsmen and women

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