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We offer a range of professional visiting massage services by qualified therapists, both to companies and to private individuals. Of particular benefit are our stretching exercises allowing the individual to maintain or improve their range of motion (ROM) or to reduce aches and pains. These techniques are taught to you allowing them to be used whenever necessary.


Remedial massage targets specific problem areas. Your therapist will concentrate on the specific problem areas and ensure the associated muscles are balanced to help prevent problems recurring.


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Stretching is an ideal way to relieve many of the symptoms of RSI and other aches and pains. Furthermore, it is something you can do yourself whenever the need arises.

Therapeutic massage, including aromatherapy and Swedish massage, is perfect for relaxing at the end of a long stressful week, or simply as a treat.

Deep tissue massage will help with some of those more stubborn knots and aches which just won't go away

Sports massage is not just for the sportsman! Using many techniques, your therapist will work on the whole body and provide exercise suggestions to keep your body in tip top condition.

Reflexology is superb for relaxation and can help with many conditions.

Corporate massage. This is a great way to show real support for your staff and look after your most important asset. We teach your staff how to use different remedial and stretching techniques to help prevent back ache and RSI. Please contact us to discuss your requirements so we may tailor a programme to your needs.

Medical Acupuncture.  Western acupuncture may provide additional pain relief for many conditions

Above all, our therapies are relaxing, rejuvenating and enjoyable.

Our skilled therapists are highly trained and, whatever therapy you choose, will be able to adapt their routine to your specific needs.


About us

We provide a professional visiting service by qualified therapists both to private individuals and to companies. Our skilled therapists are highly trained and will adapt their routine to suit your needs.

Our therapies can provide anything from simple relaxation to relief from many common ailments including back/neck aches, RSI, headaches and stiffness.

Every person is unique so a confidential health history is taken to ensure that all treatments given are tailored to suit each individual.

All therapists are fully insured and have much experience in their field.

Fund Raising/Charities Activity

Please call to discuss how me may help with your fund raising activities. These may include charity events, school PTA events or sports events.

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